Our model is to sell our coffee straight from our farms to your door (Direct Trade Coffee), cutting out the traditional middle man buyers and sellers, and the organizations that control certifications. This improves the life of the farmers and their families.

Fair Trade

  • The Cooperatives and big farms with Fair Trade certifications incur costs such as certification, inspections, operation, etc. All these costs mean a lower profit for farmers.
  • Importers of Fair Trade coffee must be registered with Fair Trade and pay a fee.
  • Coffee packers pay a fee for all the rights to use the Fair Trade logo.

Direct Trade

  • Quality: Pay close attention in the process with strict quality control, all the way from our farms to your door.
  • Traceability: We know exactly where the coffee is produced and how it is processed.
  • Sustainability: Growing the coffee under shade of different canopy trees(100% Shade-Grown), protecting the habitat of wild life.


  • Coffee prices are largely determined by supply/demand fundamentals
  • Price of coffee fluctuates with supply and demand
  • Price of coffee is valued more than the quality

Eco Tours

We, the Lenca Coffee Farmers, invite you to the experience of your lifetime –  visiting our Farms. If you like to drink good coffee or love coffee and birds this Eco-Tour is for you.

Reserve your spot today – reservations are limited!

Upcoming Tours:

Coffee Harvest Season

Upcoming Tour

Do you love to drink good coffee or even roast your own coffee at home or at work? This trip is for you. This experience will allow you to see the process from start to finish – picking the coffee by hand on the farms all the way until they go to the dry mill ready to be prepared to export!

Bird Watching Tour

Upcoming Tour

Do you love both coffee and birds? This trip is for you! Join us on this trip to watch native and migratory birds throughout our coffee farms.

We are committed to producing great coffee and protecting all wildlife – especially the birds! We do this by producing coffee under canopy trees making all of our coffee 100% shade-grown!

Our Model: Direct Trade Coffee. From Our Farms To Your Door.

Since 2013 we were able to made the first shipment of coffee to the U.S. as Lenca Farms and work with Roasters on the East Cost, Then  we decided is time to roast our coffee for you. Lenca Coffee Roasters was born to change the way you purchase the coffee DIRECT FROM THE FARMERS TO YOUR DOOR. Now, thanks to our website, we are able to deliver our coffee to your door. These are our commitments to you:


Our commitment is to produce the best Arabica coffee with strict quality control and pay close attention to the process, all the way from our farms to your door.


We show to you, where our coffee is produced, who the farmers are, and how it has been processed.


Reaching our group of coffee farmers and making sure the coffee is a sustainable alternative for the environment. We use organic practices in the farms and growing our coffee under shade of different canopy trees, at the same time protecting the habitat of migratory birds.

What We Sell

We sell coffee from our farms in Honduras and our neighbors around the world as Single Origin, Coffee Blend and Reserve.
We sell Direct Trade Coffee, means We are the Farmers, We are the roasters, selling coffee direct to our customers. No middleman.

We sell Coffee with Value.

We Value all the people who help on the farms especially those who pick the coffee by hand during harvest season.

We Value everybody who helps to process the coffee in the country of origin.

We Value those who help storage and transport the coffee until it reaches your door.

We Value our customers. When you buy our coffee, you play an important role by acknowledging the superior quality of our coffee. You demonstrate an appreciation for all of our hard work. Our comments section is for you! We want to hear about your experience because it encourages us. We also learn from you, so that we can improve the quality for future harvests.

Contact us to join our family and we will be happy to work with you.