Roasting our coffee and our neighbors’ coffee

It all started with our Great Grand Father, Felipe Garcia. Producing coffee in the early 1900’s. We are Coffee Farmers from Marcala, La Paz. Located in the Region of Montecillos, southwest of Honduras. We are Fourth generation coffee farmers, producing coffee at 4,000 feet above sea level.

100% Farmers’ Owned

Lenca Coffee Roasters is located in Franklin County, PA. Our coffee is air roasted in small batches, ensuring our customers get consistently roasted product. We roast our coffee and our neighbors’ coffee from around the world, using the best beans from our harvest.

We process our coffee with strict quality control from the time has been picked by hand until it reaches your front door. We roast the coffee that is produced under canopy trees, “100% Shade-Grown Coffee”. Additionally, our coffee is produced with Environmental and Social responsibility.

Working together with our partners, “Coffee Farmers”, we insure that everyone is treated fairly and our customers receive high quality coffee.