Lenca Coffee Lab

What is it?

The Lenca Coffee Lab allows you to create coffee that precisely fits your needs. The Lab experience typically take 3 to 5 sessions of sampling coffee, making changes to roast level or blend percentages, and tweaking each variable until we develop the perfect coffee for you.


Creating a coffee unique to your identity is both exciting and rewarding. You’ll work directly with our master roaster and tasting team to create a coffee experience unique to you, perfectly catered to your vision. Everyone has a different reason for choosing The Lab. Whether you’re looking for a coffee with specific tasting note, working to create a blend to start your morning, creating that perfect after dinner coffee to compliment your dessert offerings, or develop a signature espresso shot for your coffee bar, we’re here to help.


We start with sampling each of our premium coffees, then build from there. Each coffee brings unique attributes to the table. We’ll continue to evaluate and adjust blends and roast levels accordingly until we’ve created the perfect cup of coffee for you!