About Us

Our Farm To Your Cup

It all started with our great grandfather, Felipe Garcia, who grew coffee in the early 1900's in La Paz, Marcala, Honduras.  This region is located in Montecillos, in the southwest part of Honduras, 4000ft above sea level. Generation after generation has continued farming coffee, and today is no different.  

We continue this tradition as 4th generation coffee farmers, not only growing coffee in Honduras, but roasting coffee in Chambersburg, PA.  While we started with just coffee from Honduras, we've expanded and grown, now working with farmers from around the world to source the best coffee we can find, expertly roasting it for optimal flavor. 

Our passion is coffee, and with that comes paying a fair wage to coffee farmers. We strive for equity throughout the supply chain, ensuring everyone can make a living wage, ensuring the tradition of coffee farming is carried on, and allowing farmers to invest back into their farms, ultimately providing out consumers with better coffee.

If you'd like to learn more about our farm, visit us at https://lencafarms.com/.